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Vehicle Magnets are another cost effective way to promote your business and name recognition in your area. Today more and more people are using their vehicles for personal and business purposes. Car/Truck magnets offer the flexibility of having your business name on your car during business hours and easily taking it off when not needed. They can be used on any flat metal surface, are very durable and long lasting, 3-5 years. We use an industry standard, 30 mil. magnetic sheets with fade resistant vinyl. Full Color Digital printing can also be added or used entirely on Truck/Car magnets.

The first step in ordering your car magnetic is to measure the area where you would like the magnet to be placed. The most common sizes are 12 x 24" (height x length) and 12 x 18". When measuring the area remember that magnets can not go over exterior molding, handles ect. The surface must be smooth and metal in order to keep the magnet from getting air pockets under it and blowing off the vehicle. Measuring the area will help give you the approximate cost for your car magnets.

The second step is to decide if you want just one magnet, a pair or a quantity order (10 or more).

The third step is to decide how much money you would like to invest in your car magnets. Prices vary upon size, quantity purchased, text used, number of colors used, graphics used, and whether you want full color digital printing.

The fourth step is to contact us for a quote so we can help you get the product you want and need. We can help design your magnet if your not sure what you want. We make sure you get a proof of your magnet before we make it.

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